Wednesday, December 8, 2010

CCPE Retreat 3

Kudos to the Aspire! team for the blasting retreat this year! "Reignite" and "Realign" were this year's objectives. The 2 days 1 night on 1st and 2nd December 2010 at Pulai Desaru Resort were well-spent and successfully organized.

It was time for CCPEs to reignite with their fellow colleagues and realign their personal goals with Aspire! values, mission and vision.

We kicked off with self-introduction who are from different batches and have been with the Aspire! family for different lengths of service. What an excellent set up for the junior and senior batches of CCPEs to refresh, unlearn and relearn! In the process we gain from the shared experiences and knowledge that benefit us personally and professionally.

A healthy balance of work and play was what we went through during the retreat. We had bonding and sharing sessions on the first day where we exchanged our goals, regrets and experiences in life.

Aside from extracting our brain juices in the brainstorming, we had fun in the team-building session of Captain's Ball and sand modeling by the Desaru beach organized by AZM Boon Chuan and AZM Siew Hoon respectively.

Team Innovation

Team Attitude

Team Reliability

The best part that we enjoyed was the spread of sumptuous food prepared for us for the 2 days. We were pampered with food from the first we stepped into the discussion room with tea and snacks already waiting for us.

The fun-learning experiences with the great people around us made our day, putting work aside to embrace the moments with colleagues whom we seldom meet. Getting to rejoice for the short moment was also the time to share what we had went through during work. As commented by one of our CCPEs who has been with us for 3 years, Muhammad Firdaus from cluster E7,"It(the mixture of junior and senior CCPEs) Makes me feel younger." Thank You Aspire! for this refreshing event! We learnt from the past, innovate for the future and make a difference to the present with your support.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Unmasking 2009 - A Dinner and Dance Special

This year's Aspire! Dinner and Dance, themed Razzmatazz is the most talked about event of the season.
With only less than two weeks to the event, happening on 18th December at the Yishun SAFRA, the event is promised to be as explosive as last year's Masquerade Ball.

If you're wondering what the dinner and dance will be all about, here's a sneak peek at last year's mysterious fun filled magical night.

 Warming up the night at Keppel Club

 The belles of dance.

Lady in Red dancing along to Nobody Nobody

 Did we not tell you there was magic in the air?

Our brave Bumblebee sitting through a magical stunt where he gets knifed through the throat. Yeeks! 

 And then, we hit the dance floor.

It's all smiles on the dancefloor. 

Get down and boogie! 

When else will you see your zone managers dressing up as Santa Claus and Captain King George? 

The wise man of the hour shares his advice. 

The lovely 'ladies' from Geylang, Changi and Desker! 

 Our winner caught stuffing herself!

Miss Changi dazzling the crowd. Smile, Alan! 

Rockey jubilated by the kiss from our winner of the evening! 

Liking what you see, and hoping to have the same fun this year?
RSVP now to not miss out a chance on an unforgettable evening.
See you on the 18th!