Wednesday, February 29, 2012

E1 Kite Flying Competition

E1 HIW Kite Flying Competition

  E1 HIW Kite Flying Competition
@ Marina Barrage on 14 December 2011

Despite pouring heavily before the start of the HIW Kite Flying Competition organized by E1 Cluster, the rain did not stop around 30 participants from Aspire! Group Headquarter as well as Co-Curricular Programme Executives to gather at Marina Barrage on 14 December 2011 for the event.
Armed with kite designing materials and keeping the theme “SAVE THE EARTH” in mind, participants moved into groups to unleash their creativity and express their environmental-friendly self through their pieces of artwork. The participants were embraced in a relaxing atmosphere as they design and munch on the cakes specially baked by Siew Hoon for the Kite Flying Competition.
Teamwork was well-displayed throughout the event as they share their thoughts and discuss as one. Design concepts and ideas related to the theme were presented to impress our judges, Paul & Siew Hoon. To add to the excitement, an indoor kite flying competition was held to test the ability of participants to keep the kite flying the highest over the designated distance.Organic soaps were gracefully sponsored by Siew Hoon as prizes which blended in with the event for “health is wealth” and bought out the message of being environmentally-friendly to nature.
The day ended with a BIG thank you to all who were present to join in the fun.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Dinner & Dance 2011


“Samba De Rendezvous”. That was the theme of 2011 much awaited Aspire! Dinner and Dance (in short Dnd).  It was not an ordinary Saturday, 17 December 2011, a night filled with Brazilian colours of green, yellow and blue where all the Aspire! Groups congregated at Hotel Rendezvous for this event of the year.

Kicking off the evening at 6.30 pm, Aspireans were occupied with range of pre-event activities while pre-cocktail were served.  Aspireans posted their glamorous shot putting on props readily available at the instant photo booth. A memento which they will always remember!  Some mingled amongst each other and made a stop at the Tattoo Spray and Limbo Dance booths.

As the door opened at about and Aspireans started pouring in passing through the Limbo Dance stick, members of the committee readied themselves to start the show.  The programme of the night included engaging games, mouth watering buffet dinner and of course the highlight, the Best Samba King and Queen.

The evening’s programmes began with welcoming speech by the emcee. Then followed by the soft launched of “iExcellence” by Mr Rockey Michael, the General Manager of Aspire! Group Pte Ltd and followed by reciting the Aspire! Credo.   After the soft launched, dinner time!  While enjoying a wide assortment of international buffet, Aspireans were entertained by Zahir, CCPE from E6 and also the member of the committee with his hip-hop genre song.  An unexpected wonderful performance!

In the midst of the dinner, the emcee aroused Aspireans by involving them in an Ice Breaker Mass Game, ‘’Bingo”.  The enthusiasm and rowdiness at every table have created the party ambience. Then, followed by the first part of the night’s lucky draw kept the Aspireans on the edge of their seats.   Next, the ‘ra-ra’ stage game called “Most Wanted”.  Two participants were selected by the floor. This game involved most all of the Aspireans. The emcee called up for the items and Aspireans came forward with the said item and support one of their favourite participants.  Naturally, the game was well-received by the audience, who cheered for their friends on stage.

The second half of the lucky draw was then held.  The prizes were attractive ranging from hard drives to digital frame.  To keep spirits high, Aspireans once again participated in another game on stage called “MTV Game”.  Eight participants were invited on stage to act out the scene from different ethnic songs, Indian, Chinese, Malay and English guided by the emcee.  Participants were very spontaneous, awesome and hilarious indeed in their performance.

Next upcoming was a surprised and unexpected performance.  Aspireans were amazed by the emerging of the Samba Dancers from the back of ballroom’s entrance with their colorful costumes and headgears.  It is the culture on every DnD, the CEO and Managers will be prank on stage.  They were invited by the Samba Dancers on stage to samba and were dressed up with feather boa and handmade props made by the committee members.

The last game segment was the Samba King and Queen. It started with the Samba King to show their macho post while the Samba Queen put up impromptu appealing dance. Aspireans were then asked to vote for the “Best Samba King and Queen”.

Before the final part of the lucky draw, the emcee invited the committees who have made this mega event possible on stage to take a bow, amid appreciative rounds of applause from the audience.  The final lucky draw prizes were even more attractive ranging from trip for two to Batam, digital camera, tablet and the grand prize of iPad 2. Aspireans were excited and enticed when the five top prizes were announced and the projection of the photographs of the prizes on screen.

This marked the successful conclusions of this year’s DnD, The programmes might have ended but some Aspireans were reluctant to leave, hanging around in the ballroom to take photos with their friends.  The Samba night will surely remain a fond memory of fun for every participating Aspireans.

Eastzone Telematch

 25th November 2011, a day CCPEs from the East Zones will remember.  Participating CCPEs congregated at Changkat Primary School’s Indoor Sports Hall for the event.  An event headed by E4 cluster and collaboration with E3 and E6 clusters. 

Four teams challenged and competed among each other. They named themselves on-the-spot as “”, “’A’ Team”, “RAZS” and “Scoot”. A total of seven telematches were played.  Games organized were rather simple and straight forward yet interesting and fun.

From the young to senior participants, every team did their best and the spirit of winning was shown on their sportmanship, enthusiasm and teamwork. While the other members in team RAZS were completing their rounds, the other members cheered to give them encouragement and full support to complete the course. That’s the team spirit!!
Teams were given time to strategize their tactics or ways to complete the course for every game played.  It was so encouraging to see their sportiness.  Some even gave a helping hand to the member who needed help during the game.
While the game helpers were setting up for the subsequent game, participants were provided with light refreshment and cold milo from Kampung Group to quench their thirst.  After the break, with full of energy, games were continued.  It brought you to old memories from olden days when you were young to the modern games.  Game equipments were easily accessible as games were designed based on the availability of equipments. The difficulty levels of games were also dependable on the age gap of participants.

The finale, all teams were required to carry their flag and sailed through the starting point. 
It was a great satisfaction and a day full of laughter.  Not only participants were exhausted and sweat out. Evidence had shown in their teamwork and enthusiasm in building a strong bonding and relationship among each other.  An objective which successfully achieved!
Every team is a winner.  Importantly, we have a great fun.
The champion team…..goes to…… “”………..

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Important dates & events to look out for!!

Family Day: 16 June 2012

Assisi Hospice: 17 June 2012

Work Plan: 19 June 2012

Dinner & Dance: 15 Dec 2012