Sunday, October 6, 2013

E4 Health in Wellness (HIW) to MacRitchie Reservoir on Saturday, 1st December 2012

On 1st December 2012, East 4 cluster had their Health in Wellness (HIW) programme by hiking at MacRitchie Reservoir. With great determination, we strived to finish an 11 kilometres hike around MacRitchie Reservoir and not forgetting, to reach to the peak of the hill, at the HSBC Treetop Trail. The weather was perfectly fine with the cool breeze of fresh air surrounding the reservoir. The hike started as early as 7.30 and it took us almost 4 hours to complete the hike.

Before we started off on our hiking around the reservoir, we had our warm ups by stretching ourselves and fuelled up by having breakfast to get our energy going! Energy drinks, bananas, granola bars were some of our rations during the hike to keep us going throughout the journey.

The uneven and muddy terrains were one of our major obstacles we had to go through;  however, with the motivation of one another from the cluster, we excelled through the journey without any worries.


One of the main highlights of the walking trail was reaching to the HSBC Treetop Trail, which was the peak. The trail was built by a suspension bridge above the forest which brought us to the breath-taking view of nature and as well as the scenery.  It was a good experience for some of us, as it was the first time reaching up there and we stayed a while to admire the scenery seen from the top.


Besides the scenery and the nature walk, we got the chance to meet and greet with the residents of the MacRitchie Reservoir; the monkeys! 


During the hike at the reservoir, the cluster members had bonded very well and we are grateful to have such activities to keep us active as well as getting to know each and everyone better. We look forward to have such activities in the future!

Written by:  Bambang, E4 cluster

Sunday, August 25, 2013

CCPEs Lend A Willing Heart

In this hectic and fast-paced lifestyle that we live in, it is easy to forget how blessed and fortunate most of us are. We take many things, the conveniences and comforts, for granted. Thus, it is good to contribute some time and effort once in a while to do some volunteer work.

That is exactly what CCPEs from South 2 and East 1 did on the early morning of 8 July. We reported at Willing Hearts soup kitchen at 7.00am and were immediately put to work. While some of us toiled over the hot stoves preparing the meals, the rest were diligently cutting vegetables, taken from crates piled high in a corner of the kitchen. It was kind of therapeutic to repetitively slice and chop the many kinds of vegetables, though.

We definitely had an eye-opening experience that let us have a glimpse at the different sections of society; be it the beneficiaries who received the meal packets, the selfless organisers behind this project and the tireless volunteers who continuously streamed in throughout the morning. What heartened me as well is the groups of students and kids who came in despite it being a school holiday to help out in whatever way they can.

At the end of the day, we did have a fun time, spending it together with our cluster mates and getting to know other CCPEs. Most importantly, we felt good, being able to just take a few hours of our time to help in this good cause.