Wednesday, April 20, 2011

S3 Cluster Meeting

S3 Cluster Meeting.
It was that time of the year again. Cluster Meeting! Something not to be cannot be avoided but beneficial if attended. We met at HQ with our cluster leader Azizah and also present was Rocky, our GM.

As of all meetings, we began by reading the credo will rocky was diligently taking videos of us with his new video cam (I presume). We kicked off our meeting with typical topics such as, problems faced in school and other administrative matters. During the meeting we were informed of the changes in our timesheet and also new rules regarding the timesheets and the monthly reports.

Once done with the necessities, we went around the floor for suggestions and useful tips with regards to work and how it would benefit us in terms of working efficiently.

Finally future plans were discussed. With regards to our HIW and charity drive that will be coming up during the year. All in all it was a quiet yet insightful meeting.

Article Written by Abu Sufian, CHIJ Primary (Toa Payoh)

Monday, April 4, 2011

4th Environmental Awareness Monthly Quiz

Dear Friends,

The 4th Environmental Awareness monthly quiz from the series of quizzes is open from 5th April to 11th April 2011.

This month we are going to share with you More Environmental Concerns!!!
Please read through the materials, messages & tips that we share with you & attempt this monthly quiz to WIN yourself a $10 voucher! We will ballot to draw 3 winners (who have answered all quiz questions correctly) per month and each winner will win a $10 voucher!

Do complete this quiz to stand a chance to win the voucher...
We have collated a few informative links for you to read through & pounder about...

Wake up to REALITY!
Make it a habit to Precycle..... That's RIGHT... PRECYCLE!!!
Are you a PlanetPal?
Major Environmental Concerns...

Read on....

The online Quiz opens on 5th April 2011 and closes on 11th April 2011.

Do read through the web links, and answer the online quiz questions which will be sent to you via a separate email. Prize vouchers to be won...

Announcement of January Quiz Winners:
Tan Wan Ling - 9pts
Nur Affizah with 6pts
Hadi Mulyono Bin Wakiono with 6pts
They have won themselves a $10 voucher each...
(Please collect your voucher from your Manager In-charge)

Click Here to view January Quiz Answers

Thank you for your participation :)

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