Monday, December 26, 2011


E6 HIW cum CSR NKF event

E6 HIW cum CSR (NKF’s event “Patients Active Day cum International Volunteer Day”)

For E6 cluster, 26th and 27th November 2011 were two splendid days which were well spent for the successful completion of the Cluster HIW Goal (cum Corporate Social  Responsibility)   by collaborating and participating in the NKF’s event, “Patients Active Day cum International Volunteer Day” @ the NKF’s premises at Kim Keat Road.
E6 were divided into two teams:

Team 1 consist of Zahir, Nurellysa, Nurul Hanom, Herdawati and Anbalagan who participated in the decorations of stalls for the event.  They arrived at on Sat 26 Nov 2011 despite the heaving downpour.  They started off with inflating balloons and tying them together.

                                          Our comrades inflating and tying up balloons

Team 2 consisting of Rehana, Rasyidah, Terence, Nurfadilah and Sahirah who arrived at 7am on Sun 27 Nov 2011 assisting at the Popcorn stall and managing the sports activities.

We even posed with volunteers from other community

                                                Popcorn anyone??

                                                Our “models” for the day
All in all, the whole event was filled with laughter, joy and dancing as we saw how the staff of NKF and volunteers came together determined to give an enjoyable day to all the kidney patients. We all learn that we should be grateful to what we have in our life and not taking granted of the fact we are able to do simple things like walking. Hope there will be more opportunities to collaborate with NKF. J

Thursday, December 8, 2011

S5 HIW Coastal Walk

S5 HIW Coastal Walk

S5 HIW Activity – Changi Coastal Walk

For S5 cluster, 25th November 2011 was a splendid day spent at Changi Point Coastal Walk.
Despite the crazy weather these days, the day started off favourably with a bright, clear sky and refreshing atmosphere.
We started our HIW activity at Changi Village; we walked the park connector along
Netheravon Road
, to rediscover the rich history of Changi Point. Just to add a little zest to the learning of the heritage, we were each given a quiz sheet whereby we had to name the building or location that related to the pictures in the quiz.
Armed with cameras and the quiz sheet, we walked the trail while enjoying the landscape and discussing the story behind the heritage buildings; eg Civil Service Club, Old Changi Hospital and the Turnhouse.

At the end of the 1.5km park connector, we loop back to Changi Village via the scenic 2.6km broadwalk which offers beautiful views of the Changi Point Coastline as well as the terrain, flora and fauna that have been well-integrated in the nature of the walk.

The Broadwalk is divided into six segments.
Watch the magnificent sunset @Sunset Walk - Not to be missed in the Evening!

Kelong Walk extends into the sea and reminds us of the good old kelong days, as its set on stilts over the water. Walk amongst lush greenery @ the Cliff Walk

Enjoy views of sailboats & the expanse of the sea @ the Sailing Point Walk.
Feel the sea breeze and enjoy views of the clean beach @ the Beach Walk

Feel the life and buzz of bumboats ferrying passengers @ the Creek Walk

The nature walk was fun-filled with joyful moments, breezy ambience, cool-fresh air, fascinating coastal views, learning experiences and most importantly great team bonding.
After the nature walk, we headed off for our lunch and cluster meeting. Compliments of Rockey, we had a 3-course meal at Kampong Group @ Joo Chiat Road, thereafter we continued with our “Kopi Tiam” styled cluster meeting which was unusual and was entirely a new experience.
We ended our cluster meeting on a happy note with Boon Chuan our ZM treating us to mouth-watering Mango Prata and “Bru” Coffee. J

Monday, November 28, 2011

On 25th November 2011, S3 cluster had a HIW activity at Hortpark. We all had a blast at the park!

First we started with stretches to warm up the muscles and then we played a few round of rounders to sweat it off! :-)

It was very good warm up with Puay Cheong hitting home run all the time! The ball even went into the pond at one point! :-) Luckily we had a replacement ball to go on with the game.

Then we had an activity of walking around the park and enjoying the scenery at the same time.We were given names and pictures of plants and flowers around the park where we had to walk around hortpark to identify them. It was also a learning horticulture experience for some of us.

When the activities ended, we had all bonded and had become more comfortable with one another.We had fun!  :-)

S3 HIW @ Hortpark

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Let's go for a Walk!

                25 November 2011, 2pm to 5pm   

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Awesome page!

Awesome page!! Well done S3!
Anyways, can share the photos in CCPE yahoo group? Wanna keep some for momento..thanks!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sports Rumble

Sports Rumble 2011

Organised by South 1 cluster, Sports Rumble 2011 was held at Queenstown Secondary School on 28th October 2011.

Almost all of the other members of South cluster zone participated in this exhilarating HIW event..

It began with a slow start but the actions finally kicked off halfway through the games...

We started with Captain's Ball and then went on to Floorball...

Very nice to see almost everyone participating,sweating it off, letting their hair down and having fun including the management team... :-)

In the end, South 3 cluster emerged with big winnings as Overall Champion for both Captain's Ball and Floorball and wins in both Best Sportsman and Best Sportswoman...

Highest participation went to South 5 cluster. Runner Ups were South 4 and South 2 clusters.

Congratulations to the winners!

Best Sportsman : Hilman (S3)

Best Sportswoman: Hidayu (S3)

Lastly, a very big thank you to the organisers for the fun-filled and sweaty event and to everyone who came,participated and sweated it off ! Cheers! :-)

Monday, October 24, 2011

The Singapore HR Awards

Pioneered by Singapore Human Resources Institute,The Singapore HR Awardsis the first recognition framework introduced in Singapore to mark successes and accomplishments in the HR fraternity.

The Awards serve to confer distinct recognition on HR professionals and organisations as an employer and employee champion to bring out the best through sound and commendable HR and people management practices. The Singapore HR Awards celebrates leading organisations and practitioners in the drive for impactful human capital strategies.

Through The Singapore HR Awards, not only are the leading HR trailblazers and people management practices honoured, new benchmarks to inspire are also developed. This makes The Singapore HR Awards an excellent platform that recognises and rewards the entire HR community, thus further emphasising the importance of Singapore putting human capital as a key business income.

The following are the categories for the HR Awards:
• Corporate HR Champion Award
• HR Advocate Award
• Leading HR Practices Award

On 12 Aug 2011, we were invited to be part of the HR Award ceremony at Ritz Carlton Hotel. Aspire! Group Pte Ltd was one of the proud recipients ofthe HR Award under the sub- category of Leading HR Practices - Leading HR Practices in Employee Relations & People Management Award
All your good effort and contributions were the reasons for this to happen!

Let’s continue our journey to become the leading HR solutions provider in Singapore by doing everything in the spirit of excellence towards best HR practices.

Rockey Michael
General Manager
Aspire! Group Pte Ltd



South Cluster 1 is proud to be hosting the first ever Sports Rumble for our CCPEs! This inter-cluster sports challenge will be an annual event and we shall crown the champion cluster!!! Representation from every cluster is compulsory.

Rumble your way through your Friday.
Let loose, have a good time, but don't forget to grrrrrrrrab a member (the sixth member) from HQ as soon as you can, and make sure you have registered with your Cluster Leaders to take part in this.

Form a team of 6 in your cluster (this includes 1 HQ member) and bring the other teams down with your FLICKER and SHOOT.

Games for Sports Rumble 2011
- Frisbee
- Floorball

Venue: Queenstown Secondary School
Date: 28th October 2011
Time: 1500 - 1700 hrs (Registration begins at 1430hrs @ The school's canteen)
Attire: Proper sportswear – Please coordinate a color theme for your cluster!

For more information please check with your Cluster Leaders.
See you there!

Brought to you by,
The S1 Cluster

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Capstone Bowling Challenge

Hope everyone had a great and enjoyable day! Putting down all your workload and throw all ur worries away. Great workout for all. Most importantly clock ur HIW hours!

Let's here Thanks S2 for their hard work!

Congrats the following winners!

E3 Champion

E4 1st Runner Up

E6 2nd Runner Up

E2 Consolation

E7 Consolation

S1 Consolation

Last but and least see you guys at next year Capstone Bowling challenge 2012!

Friday, July 8, 2011

A visit to the Moral Senior Activity Centre

E4 Cluster CCPEs

Committee at the Centre

We had made it happen on 21 April 2011 for one of our E4 Cluster Goals 2010 / 2011 by making a visit to the Moral Senior Activity Centre at Blk 544 Bedok North!!!

It was a fun-filled and enjoyable afternoon spent with the folks at the centre from 2.30 to 4.30pm. The programme comprised of :
- Sing-Along.
- Games with following benefits:
a. Chopstick Kung Fu
Exercise concentration, patience and hand-eye-coordination
b. Macaroni Necklace
Demands speed and tests dexterity
c. Sensory (Touch)
Exercise sense of touch and memory
- Chit-Chat session while having refreshment with the folks.

Jasri playing guitar

Members Singing along

We were impressed by their sporting and enthusiastic participations. Special performance by our Cluster Leader Jasri playing the guitar to the delight of all present while we sang along with the folks.

Uncle Singing

The folks enjoyed the singing session. One uncle also took on the microphone to sing a mandarin song for us with others cheering him on.

Folks playing Games

Helping to guess the types of fruit in the bags

View of the Group at the centre

For all the games, all the folks participated with enthusiasm trying to win the games, All of them tried and did well in all the 3 games. We rewarded every participant with token of appreciation.

Group Photo

They were treated with a feast prepared by our Kampong Group caterer after the game programme.

Food From Kampong Group

We wrapped up our programme by distributing goodie bags and also invited them for group photos. They were very appreciative and came forward to shake hands and thank us sincerely.

After the programme, we continued our journey to visit some folks’ homes bringing with us goodie bags. These old folks could not make it the programme and we did not want to leave them out.

Distribution of goodies to home

Besides the happy moments that we had with the folks, another interesting and memorable part for the day was we, including the folks were delighted that our Zone Manager, Paul had supported us by staying up with us the whole afternoon for the programme.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Official Launch of the Aspire! VMV Handbook

South 2 Cluster is proud to officially launch the Aspire! Vision/Mission/Values (VMV) Handbook during the Work Plan Presentation on 2 Jun 2011. The book, titled Daily Rays of Light, has been given to all CCPEs during the Work Plan Presentation. This 38-paged fun-sized booklet is about the six values of Aspire! and how they can be converted into actions at work and in life.

One of the biggest challenges when producing this handbook was how to introduce the concept of the Aspire! values in an easy-to-understand format. We decided that write-ups should be short and sweet. And, the example must be relevant to what we are doing in schools.

So, over the past few months, we began the task of soliciting write-ups from CCPEs in the S2 Cluster and also from our AES Head Office. After much deliberation, we selected the final 30 write-ups for printing.

To all those who have received this handbook, we hope that it will become your constant companion to guide you through your days. The handbook may be small in size but it is crammed with many useful tips and positive messages.

Let it be your daily rays of light!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Extended registration at the upcoming Work Plan Seminar!!!!!

Dear All,

You & Your FAMILY are invited!!!

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Fill up the RSVP FORM as attached and reply to or during our Workplan seminar 2011!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

S3 Cluster Meeting

S3 Cluster Meeting.
It was that time of the year again. Cluster Meeting! Something not to be cannot be avoided but beneficial if attended. We met at HQ with our cluster leader Azizah and also present was Rocky, our GM.

As of all meetings, we began by reading the credo will rocky was diligently taking videos of us with his new video cam (I presume). We kicked off our meeting with typical topics such as, problems faced in school and other administrative matters. During the meeting we were informed of the changes in our timesheet and also new rules regarding the timesheets and the monthly reports.

Once done with the necessities, we went around the floor for suggestions and useful tips with regards to work and how it would benefit us in terms of working efficiently.

Finally future plans were discussed. With regards to our HIW and charity drive that will be coming up during the year. All in all it was a quiet yet insightful meeting.

Article Written by Abu Sufian, CHIJ Primary (Toa Payoh)

Monday, April 4, 2011

4th Environmental Awareness Monthly Quiz

Dear Friends,

The 4th Environmental Awareness monthly quiz from the series of quizzes is open from 5th April to 11th April 2011.

This month we are going to share with you More Environmental Concerns!!!
Please read through the materials, messages & tips that we share with you & attempt this monthly quiz to WIN yourself a $10 voucher! We will ballot to draw 3 winners (who have answered all quiz questions correctly) per month and each winner will win a $10 voucher!

Do complete this quiz to stand a chance to win the voucher...
We have collated a few informative links for you to read through & pounder about...

Wake up to REALITY!
Make it a habit to Precycle..... That's RIGHT... PRECYCLE!!!
Are you a PlanetPal?
Major Environmental Concerns...

Read on....

The online Quiz opens on 5th April 2011 and closes on 11th April 2011.

Do read through the web links, and answer the online quiz questions which will be sent to you via a separate email. Prize vouchers to be won...

Announcement of January Quiz Winners:
Tan Wan Ling - 9pts
Nur Affizah with 6pts
Hadi Mulyono Bin Wakiono with 6pts
They have won themselves a $10 voucher each...
(Please collect your voucher from your Manager In-charge)

Click Here to view January Quiz Answers

Thank you for your participation :)

Environmental Awareness Committee

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Blood Donation Drive

S7 Cluster is starting out our Pilot Project, Blood Donation Drive this Saturday.

Here are the details:
Date: 15 January 2011, Saturday
Time: 11 am - 5 pm (you can come any time between this time)
Venue: Toa Payoh West CC ( 200 Lorong 2 Toa Payoh (S) 319642)

To register, text <FullName><space><IC No><space><Email> to 90226032.

Do assist us to spread the news to your cluster members.

Here are some info that you can share with your members:

Blood Donation Process
1) Registration
Your personal particulars will be recorded and you will be asked to fill in a health assessment questionnaire. 

2) Medical screening
A doctor or nurse will ask you about your medical and social history to confirm that you are fit to make a donation, after which your weight, blood pressure, pulse and body temperature will be taken. 

3) Blood test
Your blood haemoglobin level will be checked to ensure that you can make a donation. 

4) Blood donation
Your arm will be cleaned, after which a local painkiller will be applied to ensure that you feel no pain during the donation. 

5) Refreshments
After the donation, you will be required to rest briefly and have some light refreshments before resuming normal activities.

Some tips on Post-donation care.
It's that simple!

For more information, you can visit Don't hesistate to reach me through email or mobile (90226032) for more enquiries.

You can also update us on who's coming through the RSVP form attached and email it back to (that's me).

Your Contribution can give another a new lease on life!
Thank you very much and hope to see you guys there :)

Monday, January 10, 2011


Among the many events this party animal has graced this year, the one that will stand out is our Company’s Annual D&D. It captured my imagination, the moment my escort and I, arrived at the venue. The faces that greeted us were brimming with excitement, contagious to say the least. Their greetings were warm, inviting and festive.

We were led through the evening’s proceedings by an indomitable emcee, who charmed us all with his quick wit and poise. His humour lasted the entire evening, getting everyone rollicking in laughter. He was indeed a one-man show in itself; hat’s off to him.

The “stars’ that put on the evening’s entertainment far exceeded all expectations; right from the opening dance number presented by our bevy of beauties and my you should have seen how they grooved! They were truly a sight to behold. Our singing trio and their medley of songs charmed the audience with their brand of harmony and musical dexterity, added a soft touch to the occasion. Even the games played, were creative and out of the ordinary. It not only entertained but challenged all inhibitions and barriers one would associate with such Company-like events. The one which had the dancers in shades, certainly rivalled “Dancing With The Stars”. A standing ovation to all those who bravely participated in the games.

Everyone went home a winner that night, regardless whether you had won a prize from the bountiful “Lucky Draw”. Our prize was in being so richly entertained, in never being so happy, being with people whose company you treasure, and especially to be part of an organisation that empowers and values its people.

To our management who is committed in developing its people, we have nothing but heartfelt gratitude for you in our hearts. To the people who had put together the evening’s programme, we have all to thank for; to our redoubtable emcee for keeping us on our toes throughout the evening, the event would have been much poorer without, you. Finally, to Carrelle & RR, thank you for brining the house down with your action-packed group activity, it truly put us all in the mood. Regretfully, some of us were unable to be there with us to share the joy and love that permeated, maybe we’ll see you the next time!

Until we meet again at our next company event, chin up and stay bright and positive.
~ Maurice Phillips ~

I enjoyed the fabulous Dinner & Dance very much. The emcee was amazing that he brought laughter to almost everyone. The senior management was very game to put up an “R-rated” performance on stage.  The best part was the “Extreme Musical Chair” that got everyone involved in the game.  The food was yummy and the top prizes were worth waiting for. Kudos to the organizing committee and the management for this memorable Dinner & Dance in 2010!!
~ April Lim, CCPE from Nanyang Junior College ~

Aspire! Dinner & Dance 2010 was very entertaining. The emcee was very humorous & did an awesome job in engaging almost everyone! The games and performances were delightful; especially the most astonishing and side-splitting performance by the senior management and the interestingly planned "Extreme Musical Chair" was definitely an attention-grabbing segment. Thumbs up to the organizing committee and the management for organizing this wonderful event. It really created the high-spirit mood that suited to welcoming the New Year!
~ Rathai K.M, CCPE from St Andrew's Sec Sch ~

2010 Dinner & Dance or should I call it Dinner and Games was a memorable one. Despite not winning any of the lucky draws, I still enjoyed myself thoroughly. The emcee, Sufian, was great! He managed to engage the audience with his funny antics. Programme wise was good as the games played were super fun and I’m pretty sure all of us had fun that night! Food was great! Oh well, we all were hungry and we really gobbled our food while waiting for the next item to be presented. The best part of the D&D was the door gift. It was really something practical for us to use! Kudos to the 2010 D&D Committee Members for making the event happening! Truly Aspireans! Incredibly Awesome! J
 ~ Zubaidah, HQ ~

Please accept my heartiest Congratulations for a tremendous job well done! Do send my regards to all our team members for the same too!
~ Jerome Teo, GM of Aspire! Career & Management Services ~

Congratulations to you and the whole organizing committee.. It was such a fun-filled experience..
We didn’t know that our CCPEs were such great performers until the DND! J Sufian was a good emcee! J
~ Audrey Domingo, HQ ~