Monday, December 26, 2011


E6 HIW cum CSR NKF event

E6 HIW cum CSR (NKF’s event “Patients Active Day cum International Volunteer Day”)

For E6 cluster, 26th and 27th November 2011 were two splendid days which were well spent for the successful completion of the Cluster HIW Goal (cum Corporate Social  Responsibility)   by collaborating and participating in the NKF’s event, “Patients Active Day cum International Volunteer Day” @ the NKF’s premises at Kim Keat Road.
E6 were divided into two teams:

Team 1 consist of Zahir, Nurellysa, Nurul Hanom, Herdawati and Anbalagan who participated in the decorations of stalls for the event.  They arrived at on Sat 26 Nov 2011 despite the heaving downpour.  They started off with inflating balloons and tying them together.

                                          Our comrades inflating and tying up balloons

Team 2 consisting of Rehana, Rasyidah, Terence, Nurfadilah and Sahirah who arrived at 7am on Sun 27 Nov 2011 assisting at the Popcorn stall and managing the sports activities.

We even posed with volunteers from other community

                                                Popcorn anyone??

                                                Our “models” for the day
All in all, the whole event was filled with laughter, joy and dancing as we saw how the staff of NKF and volunteers came together determined to give an enjoyable day to all the kidney patients. We all learn that we should be grateful to what we have in our life and not taking granted of the fact we are able to do simple things like walking. Hope there will be more opportunities to collaborate with NKF. J

Thursday, December 8, 2011

S5 HIW Coastal Walk

S5 HIW Coastal Walk

S5 HIW Activity – Changi Coastal Walk

For S5 cluster, 25th November 2011 was a splendid day spent at Changi Point Coastal Walk.
Despite the crazy weather these days, the day started off favourably with a bright, clear sky and refreshing atmosphere.
We started our HIW activity at Changi Village; we walked the park connector along
Netheravon Road
, to rediscover the rich history of Changi Point. Just to add a little zest to the learning of the heritage, we were each given a quiz sheet whereby we had to name the building or location that related to the pictures in the quiz.
Armed with cameras and the quiz sheet, we walked the trail while enjoying the landscape and discussing the story behind the heritage buildings; eg Civil Service Club, Old Changi Hospital and the Turnhouse.

At the end of the 1.5km park connector, we loop back to Changi Village via the scenic 2.6km broadwalk which offers beautiful views of the Changi Point Coastline as well as the terrain, flora and fauna that have been well-integrated in the nature of the walk.

The Broadwalk is divided into six segments.
Watch the magnificent sunset @Sunset Walk - Not to be missed in the Evening!

Kelong Walk extends into the sea and reminds us of the good old kelong days, as its set on stilts over the water. Walk amongst lush greenery @ the Cliff Walk

Enjoy views of sailboats & the expanse of the sea @ the Sailing Point Walk.
Feel the sea breeze and enjoy views of the clean beach @ the Beach Walk

Feel the life and buzz of bumboats ferrying passengers @ the Creek Walk

The nature walk was fun-filled with joyful moments, breezy ambience, cool-fresh air, fascinating coastal views, learning experiences and most importantly great team bonding.
After the nature walk, we headed off for our lunch and cluster meeting. Compliments of Rockey, we had a 3-course meal at Kampong Group @ Joo Chiat Road, thereafter we continued with our “Kopi Tiam” styled cluster meeting which was unusual and was entirely a new experience.
We ended our cluster meeting on a happy note with Boon Chuan our ZM treating us to mouth-watering Mango Prata and “Bru” Coffee. J