Friday, July 8, 2011

A visit to the Moral Senior Activity Centre

E4 Cluster CCPEs

Committee at the Centre

We had made it happen on 21 April 2011 for one of our E4 Cluster Goals 2010 / 2011 by making a visit to the Moral Senior Activity Centre at Blk 544 Bedok North!!!

It was a fun-filled and enjoyable afternoon spent with the folks at the centre from 2.30 to 4.30pm. The programme comprised of :
- Sing-Along.
- Games with following benefits:
a. Chopstick Kung Fu
Exercise concentration, patience and hand-eye-coordination
b. Macaroni Necklace
Demands speed and tests dexterity
c. Sensory (Touch)
Exercise sense of touch and memory
- Chit-Chat session while having refreshment with the folks.

Jasri playing guitar

Members Singing along

We were impressed by their sporting and enthusiastic participations. Special performance by our Cluster Leader Jasri playing the guitar to the delight of all present while we sang along with the folks.

Uncle Singing

The folks enjoyed the singing session. One uncle also took on the microphone to sing a mandarin song for us with others cheering him on.

Folks playing Games

Helping to guess the types of fruit in the bags

View of the Group at the centre

For all the games, all the folks participated with enthusiasm trying to win the games, All of them tried and did well in all the 3 games. We rewarded every participant with token of appreciation.

Group Photo

They were treated with a feast prepared by our Kampong Group caterer after the game programme.

Food From Kampong Group

We wrapped up our programme by distributing goodie bags and also invited them for group photos. They were very appreciative and came forward to shake hands and thank us sincerely.

After the programme, we continued our journey to visit some folks’ homes bringing with us goodie bags. These old folks could not make it the programme and we did not want to leave them out.

Distribution of goodies to home

Besides the happy moments that we had with the folks, another interesting and memorable part for the day was we, including the folks were delighted that our Zone Manager, Paul had supported us by staying up with us the whole afternoon for the programme.

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