Thursday, August 16, 2012

E6: 25th Anniversary Homecoming Carnival @ East View Secondary School

East View Secondary held their 25th Anniversary Homecoming Carnival on the 14th July 2012. The E6 team were fortunate enough to have a stall to help raise funds for the needy, thanks to Terence! A few of us came down for set up the day before, and to be honest that took longer than we expected. But in the end we all pulled through making the signs and last minute changes to our 2 games at our stall; "Fish Me Up Leh!" and "Mini Beans Lor!". "Fish Me Up Leh!" is a fishing game where we used curtain hooks tied to skewers to fish out cleaning sponges that we've cut out to spell 'RECYCLE'. Cable ties were stuck to the sides of the sponges to be hooked. We then filled a kiddie pool with water and placed other recyclable items in there (cans, bottles) to make it a little more challenging. This game was very popular amongst young children, with some even coming back to play while their parents enjoyed the other stalls! "Mini Beans Lor!" is a sorting game where you start with a bowl of assorted beans of different sizes and you are given 3 minutes to sort them out with your hands into seperate bowls. We initally set the time limit to only a minute but after trying it out ourselves, we realize that it's so difficult! So 3 minutes it was. Quite popular with the teenagers, and it was also amusing to see that a lot had a hard time handling small beans! At the end of the day we managed to raise a significant amount from our stall. We're all glad that we got to help out the less fortunate in a way that promotes fun and saving the environment by using as many recyclable materials as possible. Another successful activity organized by the E6 cluster!

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