Thursday, November 8, 2012

Capstone Bowling Challenge

So here we go again!!! The moment we have been waiting for has finally arrived.
On the 3rd September 2012, we had our annual Bowling Challenge. Although the plan initially was
to have a Family Day for Aspire Family at Pasir Ris E-hub, due to unforeseen circumstances, it was
held at Safra Mount Faber. As the organizing committee, E3 tried our level best so as to make the
event a eventful memorable day. WE had the Deco, Banner, Food and Door Gift in place on time!
Phewwww! Timothy,as usual ,did great as the host.

And so…..
The turnout was beyond expectation!! Most of our fellow colleagues turned up in their retro outfit
as the theme was RETRO except Aziz, who turned up in his black Baju Kurung with Songkok. We
are guessing that he is still in the mood of Hari Raya! HEHE. The main activity was the Bowling
Challenge, in total we had 15 lanes to cater to all Clusters, HQ Group and not forgetting our dear
Kampong Group Friends.

As we the bowling challenge was ongoing, each cluster had to present a cheerleading to the judges.
You should have seen the different styles of cheering that the groups presented. We are very sure it
tickled the judges funny bone.

And how could we forget about the food! As the time strike 12, everyone’s stomach grumbled and
yes, each and everyone of us was greeted with delicious buffet. And to make it special, our dear
ZM,AZM, GM not forgetting CEO served us food. How nice!

This was sure an event where all bonded together, a great way to distress and have lots of fun.
A very big thanks to Cluster E5 for supporting the Event, also not to mention Sing Ho and Raimi who
had helped out and make the event a success.

Till then,
E3 Signing out! Adios Amigos!!

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