Wednesday, February 29, 2012

E1 HIW Kite Flying Competition

  E1 HIW Kite Flying Competition
@ Marina Barrage on 14 December 2011

Despite pouring heavily before the start of the HIW Kite Flying Competition organized by E1 Cluster, the rain did not stop around 30 participants from Aspire! Group Headquarter as well as Co-Curricular Programme Executives to gather at Marina Barrage on 14 December 2011 for the event.
Armed with kite designing materials and keeping the theme “SAVE THE EARTH” in mind, participants moved into groups to unleash their creativity and express their environmental-friendly self through their pieces of artwork. The participants were embraced in a relaxing atmosphere as they design and munch on the cakes specially baked by Siew Hoon for the Kite Flying Competition.
Teamwork was well-displayed throughout the event as they share their thoughts and discuss as one. Design concepts and ideas related to the theme were presented to impress our judges, Paul & Siew Hoon. To add to the excitement, an indoor kite flying competition was held to test the ability of participants to keep the kite flying the highest over the designated distance.Organic soaps were gracefully sponsored by Siew Hoon as prizes which blended in with the event for “health is wealth” and bought out the message of being environmentally-friendly to nature.
The day ended with a BIG thank you to all who were present to join in the fun.

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