Monday, February 13, 2012

Eastzone Telematch

 25th November 2011, a day CCPEs from the East Zones will remember.  Participating CCPEs congregated at Changkat Primary School’s Indoor Sports Hall for the event.  An event headed by E4 cluster and collaboration with E3 and E6 clusters. 

Four teams challenged and competed among each other. They named themselves on-the-spot as “”, “’A’ Team”, “RAZS” and “Scoot”. A total of seven telematches were played.  Games organized were rather simple and straight forward yet interesting and fun.

From the young to senior participants, every team did their best and the spirit of winning was shown on their sportmanship, enthusiasm and teamwork. While the other members in team RAZS were completing their rounds, the other members cheered to give them encouragement and full support to complete the course. That’s the team spirit!!
Teams were given time to strategize their tactics or ways to complete the course for every game played.  It was so encouraging to see their sportiness.  Some even gave a helping hand to the member who needed help during the game.
While the game helpers were setting up for the subsequent game, participants were provided with light refreshment and cold milo from Kampung Group to quench their thirst.  After the break, with full of energy, games were continued.  It brought you to old memories from olden days when you were young to the modern games.  Game equipments were easily accessible as games were designed based on the availability of equipments. The difficulty levels of games were also dependable on the age gap of participants.

The finale, all teams were required to carry their flag and sailed through the starting point. 
It was a great satisfaction and a day full of laughter.  Not only participants were exhausted and sweat out. Evidence had shown in their teamwork and enthusiasm in building a strong bonding and relationship among each other.  An objective which successfully achieved!
Every team is a winner.  Importantly, we have a great fun.
The champion team…..goes to…… “”………..

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