Saturday, September 25, 2010

Must Love Cats by Kharma Dharma

Editor's Note: Every now and then, Aspire!@Play will invite selected guest writers to pen (or in this case, type) their thoughts for sharing. This is not one of those moments. The following article is by Karma Dharma, one of our in-house writers, a certain soul whose views on animals took a drastic change. Keep on reading and find out why.

Must Love Cats (Part 1)

2009 is an important year that will be earmarked in history as the year that gave the United States its first Black President and, to the world, the death of pop legend Michael Jackson. On a more personal scale however, 2009 will be remembered as the day I changed my opinion on pet lovers. My loft for furry (razor teeth and claws) animals has never been popular with the masses. What was I to do? Born with a sinus problem, my parents would never let me close to anything with, that’s right, FUR! Filled with fear and ignorance I could never imagine myself having a pet. That though was soon to be changed.
It all started in 2009…

I had been trying to ask Sidney, this lovely lady, voice of an angel and with eyes as bright as stars, out on a date. We had nothing in common and could seldom see eye to eye. Yet somehow between the quarrels and screaming I felt a tug on my heart strings. Yes, I am sucker for punishment. I knew I had to ask her out or suffer the rest of my life wondering. So one fine day I plucked up all my courage and did just that. She said yes. Hardest part over, next was to plan the most romantic evening ever.

I decided on East Coast Park. There could be no better backdrop than East Coast Park to profess my immense, fourteen days old, feelings for her. We would take a stroll on the beach with nothing but the moonlight as our guide while listening to the sound of the waves carrying in the gentle sea breeze. It would be picture perfect, the type of evening that is recited about in poetry. There were going to be three phases in this plan, first dinner then the walk and finally the moment. The moment is the part where one party or both makes the move. It is the awkward silence before you profess your feelings or, even, kiss.

So the evening begins. To impress her I thought I would dine with her in one of those reasonably priced restaurants in Parkway Parade but due to her very strict diet and down to earth personality we ended up having dinner at a market nearby. We had the ever so romantic Nasi Ayam Penyet. The night wasn’t going as planned but I wasn’t ready to throw in the towel just yet. There were still two phases to go. Next up was the “walk”.

After dinner we started walking towards East Coast Park. For some reason she mistook me asking her if she would like to take a walk at East Coast Park as a suggestion to walk over to East Coast Park from Parkway Parade. Seeing how pumped up she was at my great idea I had little choice but to play along. Thinking there would be an underpass, we started walking only to realize fifteen minutes later that we were lost. By now, tired and sweaty, I looked up at the heavens and whispered,” Seriously, Big Guy?”

And just as I was about to call it quits, she grabbed my arm and pulled me closer. I had never felt closer to god than at that very moment. He answered my prayer. There he was, omnipotent and probably just chilling and all, doing his stuff when he heard my call and came to my rescue. I quickly went through every possible scenario and rehearsed every romantic dialogue in my head. No matter what was going to happen, I was prepared, with god as my wingman, I was fearless.

That was till she asked,” Did you hear that?”

Just like a really bad accident, everything just crashed to stop.
My mind that was just processing a billion thoughts a second had gone into a blank. I stood there speechless. Even a decade of being in the dating game and countless romantic movies couldn’t prepare me for her question. The moment or what I thought was the moment was gone. Did I hear that? The only thing I could hear was the laughter and knee slapping coming from the skies. “There it is again.” She said edging towards a drain. This time I heard it,” Meow…” I froze and looked up to the heavens” Oh no, you wouldn’t.” (Continues in part 2)

Karma Dharma

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