Wednesday, September 29, 2010

S3's Barbecue and Bonding

A little heat, a little splash and a whole lot of laughter is never a bad thing to add to a meeting.While meetings usually tend to be dull in most corporate circles, the CCPEs of Aspire! take some pride in turning cluster meetings into a time for laughing, good food, and all round bonding.

The most recent South Zone 3 Cluster meeting was held at a different location than usual.While they usually incorporated a form of sports activity into their meetings, this time, their gathering was a bit more celebratory than corporate.Held at Regent Heights, compliments of Azizah and her family, the meeting which kicked off at 6.30pm eventually winded down to a chill out barbecue bonding session, with water sports in the pool after that.In line with Aspire!'s HIW, the cluster members took a dip in the pool and played several good rounds of Swimming Pool Captain's Ball.

Taking charge of the meeting, and the affairs of the kitchen (barbecue style of course) was Hazel, S3's cluster leader. And joining her in the cooking, and the occasional munching were Carinn, Azizah and myself. Sitting by the pool, with the distinct smell of chicken and spice on the barbecue, while sipping cool lemon tea drinks, it was easy to forget that a meeting was in progress.

Of course, amidst the constant munching on chicken wings, otah-otah, fried bee hoon, and spiced fish, the cluster managed to cover the different financial systems, discussed on various community projects, CCA past record amendments and even were introduced to a little new tool to help in file sharing within work.

Interestingly, the meeting naturally transformed into a sharing session amongst the CCPEs and the situations in their schools. There were anecdotes and funny stories as well as the more serious situations that were shared, and advised on. Cluster events and meetings are platforms and opportunities for such sharing, and it's never a bad thing when it happens on its own.

After the food, the corporate talk, the heart to heart, and the moment all stomachs felt light enough to brave the pool, the members splashed into the water and began the fun.

Even South Zone Assistant Manager, Azizah put on her flippers and joined in the fun.

By the time the night ended, stomachs were filled with good food, hearts filled with the sort of joy you get from laughing, and faces filled with, well, laughter lines. This was definitely the sort of meeting the members would definitely be looking forward to again.

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